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Custom two-part packaging solutions

When it comes to custom-two part packaging solutions, the flexible package is the best option. It can be packaged to any ratio, and happens to be one of our specialties.

If you need, we can print and insert safety and instruction cards on the outside of the flexible package. You can choose whether you want us to print directly on the bag or attach it as a label. This helps to increase the accuracy and safety of each package, especially when there are multiple users.

Instruction cards

We offer you a large selection of flexible packages to best meet your needs. Choose from see-through or foil packaging in a wide range of sizes. No matter if you have a custom single-part or two-part order, we treat each job as a priority to ensure accuracy and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Quality packaging

With our custom two-part packaging, we can package your adhesives in any ratio with extreme quality and accuracy.

Let us handle all your custom two-part packaging needs.


Easy to use

With a simple design and instructions right on the package, our two-part packages are hassle-free.

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