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Rigid packaging solutions for adhesives

Some applications call for rigid plastic packaging that doesn't expand during use. This ensures that you have trouble-free and accurate application. You can choose from syringe and cartridge packaging.

Our syringes are functional, convenient, and reliable. They are easy to control, and the narrow design means that you can apply adhesive to all of those hard to reach areas with ease. This makes them the perfect choice for electronics or other applications that involve small parts and tight spaces.

Syringe packaging

Our cartridges maintain accurate ratio control to dispense the right combination of your material. Most come with a self-mixer that mixes the two components of your adhesive as they are expelled from the cartridge. This helps control the ratio as well as your ability to apply the adhesive.

Cartridge systems

Rigid plastic packages store your adhesives in optimal conditions to ensure a longer shelf life and easier application.

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Precision application

Rigid plastic packages are easier to control and allow you to apply adhesive with extreme precision.

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