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Two-part adhesive flexible packaging system

The flexible package has a center dividing clip that separates the resin and catalyst. You remove the clip to mix the two components when you are ready to use them, reducing application costs, time, and waste.

Flexible packaging is available in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 150 grams. You can also request specialty sizes. The moveable divider clip means you can order the two components in any ratio. With the self-contained package, you can mix and dispense the adhesive directly from the package.

Flexible packaging features

The self-contained package is 100% hands-off, which reduces contamination of the product. The pre-measured components mean that you have less waste and more accurate mixing. The package handles a wide range of viscosities, and it is perfectly designed to hold and dispense conductive adhesives as well.

Flexible packaging benefits

Flexible packaging ensures precision, accuracy, and consistency with every use, making it a perfect solution for consumer and industrial use.

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Easy to use

The disposable packages are easy to handle and make clean-up simple. They also eliminate the need for measuring.

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